School Fees

Bus Travel Fee

Permission to travel on another bus other than the child’s normal bus, can only be granted by the Principal.

In general, permission is granted to use the bus service at a nominal fee.  If children are changing their normal way of traveling home a letter or phone call is expected – otherwise your child will be sent home in the normal way.

If you are calling the school to change your child’s bus arrangements than a phone call must be received before 2.30pm that day.

Cost per week, per family, using the school bus is $4.00

Stationery Fee

Children will be issued with their first lot of stationery by the school at $15.00 per child on enrolment. This includes a home reading log which cost $5.00.

Additional stationery and home reading logs can be purchased from the school office or from a store of your choice.

*Your child’s classroom teacher will contact you if your child requires additional stationery throughout the year.

Annual Activity Fee

Pukepoto school has an annual activity fee of $30.00 per family or $20.00 per child, which is payable on enrolment.